2015 will mark the 15th anniversary of the Serpentine Pavilion commission; one of the most famous architectural and design honors on the planet. Many of the world’s most renowned architects have created a temporary summer pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery – and it has just been announced that next year’s pavilion will be designed by Spanish architects SelgasCano. Known for their playful design and love of color, the award-winning studio, comprised of José Selgas and Lucía Cano, draws upon forms and textures found in nature to create buildings that bridge the gap between architecture and the natural world.

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Key aspects of the pavilion’s design are that it must be multi-purpose, and it must contain a café that will be open to the public over the summer months. SelgasCano’s work is characterized by organic shapes, large windows that bring natural light and open views to office spaces, and the use of living plants in installations, so it’ll be exciting to see what they’ll incorporate into the Serpentine Pavilion’s design. They have already expressed delight that the exhibit is taking place in a garden—the Royal Garden in the center of London, no less—and mentioned that they intend to draw upon transparency as well as John Matthews Barrie’s idea of “betwixt-and-between” (a nod to the Peter Pan sculpture in Kensington Gardens) as inspiration for their piece.

Formed in Madrid in 1998, SelgasCano has designed numerous buildings around Spain, ranging from office spaces to children’s playgrounds. Their love of integrating architecture with nature is most evident in the glass office they designed in Madrid, which has views into the nearby forest and is lit almost entirely by natural light. Both architects believe that architecture should be complementary to the natural world in which it’s situated, which is one of the main principles in the design course they teach at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Serpentine Pavilion has become one of the world’s most celebrated architectural honors. The commission allows designers to experiment with innovative new techniques and materials, and it convenes architects to discuss ideas for the future. Goldman Sachs is the headline sponsor again this year, while David Glover and AECOM are providing engineering and technical design. Plans for the SelgasCano’s piece will be revealed in February, so stay tuned for updates on this fabulous project over the next couple of months!

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Images by Hisao Suzuki, Iwan Baan, and the architects