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Created out of Munoz’s student thesis work, Bastardism, his design method seeks to juxtapose functionality and aesthetics, provoking a curiously strong desire to test the artist’s creations. The artist explains his intriguing style as, “Creating between two points a concept link that is parabolic instead of the straight conventional one. Containers that don’t directly relate to their commonly expected content, and vice versa. Playing with the user’s perception of an object and the references that it may trigger in his cultural and emotional memory. Hopefully with this we achieve a degree of imagination stroking from us, the designers, on the user. And eventually open up questions about usability, materiality, culture and our artificial environment.”

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Perhaps one of the most striking works in his new series is the Mobility Foundation, which is a stone-based skateboard. The piece represents the ground moving beneath our feet. According to Munoz, he wanted to use stone on wheels to question “the origins of mobility reality.”

Also included in the collection is the Cultural Foundation, a sculptural lamp made out of pipes and other construction materials meant to be a reflection of our constructed inner guts and culture. Another foundation is Commodity, represented by a stone chair, which reflects our daily interaction with the natural environment. Check out the slide show for more of Munoz’s fascinating Foundation pieces.

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