The city of Murcia, Spain is going to great lengths to help reduce the city’s traffic congestion and to promote the use of the greener method – public transportation. The bold move involves offering citizens a lifetime pass to their brand-spanking-new tram system — in exchange for their cars! The drastic initiative certainly surpasses other cities’ attempts to promote bike and electric care shares as far as gutsy moves go.

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The pledge to reduce the amount of cars on Murcia’s roads will help curb gridlock while reducing the city’s carbon footprint by nixing some of its toxic emissions. Citizens will be able to register for a lifelong tram ticket simply by trading in a working car that is fully paid for. Citizens can turn in any type of car – new or old – to qualify.

The next step is a bit more drastic — and a lot more fun. Each car that is exchanged is then put on display around the city, in creative ways. The cars are placed, and then slowly disassembled to make them “disappear.” Encouraging the public to participate in the wacky activity, the city created a sort of car strip tease. For each comment on the project’s Facebook or Twitter accounts, a piece of each car is removed, and broadcast via webcam.

The city also used exchanged cars as a sort of art installation. In a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the horrors of trying to find parking, the cars were placed around town in difficult parking areas, sometimes even jokingly on top of each other!

No other city has gone to such great lengths to reduce the amount of cars on its roads, and we sincerely hope that other cities and towns are inspired to take creative lengths themselves.

Via Springwise