Fashion forward bike aficionados can now make an eco statement with the new Spare Tire Bike Tube Belt designed by Surya Graf. The stylish Spare Tire Belt is constructed out of reclaimed bicycle inner tubes, allowing bikers to sport their passion on their sleeve (or at least around their waist).

Surya Graf is a Brisbane-based product designer who cleverly strives to mesh functionality and environmental sustainability in his designs. An avid cyclist himself, he was in search of a smart recycling solution to all of the tube garbage from old inner tubes. He began to collect used mountain bike tubes from local cycle shops who were glad to have them off their hands and out of the trash, and the Spare Tire Belt belt was born.

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What’s really neat about the design of the Spare Tire Belt is that the tubes come from all types of manufacturers and distributors, giving each belt unique markings and details. After the tubes are reclaimed from various sources, the belts are hand crafted from start to finish. In the first step, the tubes are cut free of valves and thoroughly washed. Then they are formed fit an array of waist sizes, given holes and a chrome-plated belt ring. Surya is currently working on a thinner belt made from road bike tubes, as well as other reclaimed rubber accessories.

The Spare Tire Belt launched a couple of weeks ago at PARK(ing) DAY in San Francisco, an all-day event that transforms metered parking spots into park space. Surya Graf and his Spare Tire belt are proud members of the design collective, Snack On, which launched back in August.

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