In an emergency situation, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your cell phone has enough charge to make a call. The SpareOne Emergency Phone is a mobile phone that operates on a single AA battery, and it can hold its charge for up to 15 years without replacement. The phone has 10 hours of talk time, and it works wherever there is a GSM cell tower. SpareOne can also function in more extreme temperatures than the average smartphone with a range of -22F-140F, and the phone doubles as a flashlight that can shine for 24 hours of continuous light.

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With a battery life of up to 15 years and 10 hours of talk time, the SpareOne emergency phone fits right alongside the flares and bottled water in your emergency kit. The tough and lightweight phone measures 75g and 120 x 60 x 13 mm, and it comes with its own waterproof bag and a AA battery right out of the package. Doubling as a flashlight, the phone can also give bright, continuous light for a a full day. No SIM card is required for the phone (although it can be added to continue receiving calls from your old number), and up to 9 numbers can be pre-programmed to make sure important calls are made swiftly and accurately.

Auto-text reply ensures that if you cannot read a received text that the sender knows you should be reached by voice instead. SpareOne is also great for travel, and local SIM cards can be picked up and inserted wherever you vacation, helping to avoid roaming charges and eliminating the need to purchase new adapters and chargers.

SpareOne is available starting at $89.99 from their online store. You can also give a SpareOne to someone in need through their donation program, which works with organizations such as Rebuilding Together to provide phones to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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