When it comes to design, it’s hard to beat mother nature. That’s why Speedo turned to the humpback whale when they sought to design a pair of seriously effective flipperes. Speedo’s Nemesis fins feature sleek channels, strategic holes and ridges that displace a great amount of water with each kick – and we have to admit, they look kind of amazing while doing it.

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Swim fins haven’t changed much over the years, the familiar flat paddle design has been around at least since Benjamin Franklin invented a pair to help him paddle around Boston’s waters. But Speedo wanted to change things up and what better inspiration than one of the world’s largest mammals, which displaces pool-sized amounts of water in order to haul its massive body around?

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The EVA foam-made fins are extremely buoyant, which means they float if you lose one and it can help hold your body in an efficient swimming position. Speedo says that the design will help swimmers displace more water when they kick than traditional fins, which means you will move faster with less effort. We say, if it works for the humpback, it’s probably good enough for humans.

Via Gizmodo

Image via Speedo, image via Shutterstock