The Sperone Westwater art gallery in New York City recently filed plans for an incredible new gallery on the Bowery designed by none other than Inhabitat favorites Foster + Partners. Envisioned as a stacked set of lucid glass rectangles suffused with daylight, Foster + Partners’ design features an innovative layout that allows the interiors to change and morph to accommodate different exhibitions. The 9 story art gallery will also boast a moving exhibition hall that can be raised to any of five levels of public gallery space, and is set to be completed by December 2009.

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Sperone Westwater’s need for increased space and more flexible exhibition areas prompted the design for their new home. The inclusion of a 12 x 20 foot moving hall not only extends the exhibit space of each floor, but also offers visitors an easy and engaging way of accessing the other floors. The hall can also be anchored at any one floor to provide extra space for an exhibit, and Sperone Westwater hopes that the moving hall will “set a new standard in experiencing art and pioneer a novel approach to vertical movement within a gallery building.”

Sustainable design elements will also pervade this new exhibit space, and it will make extensive use of daylighting. The street facade will be constructed entirely out of glass, and the library on top will feature a light well that provides natural light to readers below. The building’s facade is composed of two layers in order to provide a buffer zone that insulates the interior from temperature and noise. The outer layer of the facade features a series of openings that, coupled with the movement from the moving hall and outdoor air flow, will help provide natural ventilation and cooling.

Additionally, the gallery will feature a double-height display area at street level, a sculpture terrace, a private viewing gallery above the public galleries as well as an extensive library at the top of the building. The 9 floors of gallery space should provide ample room for viewing some amazing works of art.

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