Evoking a gallery of stars, Robin Carpenter’s eye-catching LED chandelier, Spiralight, demonstrates how good those little light emitting diodes can look when they are used in a clever way. This is what LED lighting should be all about. The creative LED Chandelier recently made waves at the IMM Cologne design fair 2007 . Delicately suspended with 216 LEDS meticulously interwoven into a single twisting strand, the stunning Spiralightis typical of the Berlin-based designer’s signature aesthetic – in evoking a sense of the organic by way of obstructing symmetry in linear production via algorithms.

As for her inspiration for the chandelier, Carpenter claims that she was interested in creating a work which channeled the effect of ‘tracing a shooting star’. The unique piece succeeded in nabbing the Germany Design Council’s weightiest honor at the IMM Cologne Fair – the Lights of the Future 2006 award.

Via Mocoloco