Cairo deserves an eco-skyscraper just as much as any other city and they couldn’t ask for much more than this spiraling eco tower, designed by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz. Called Space-Scraper, the eye-catching mixed-use development is composed of three twisting towers – one each for office, hotel and residential space, and a “geo-sphere” health center sits perched at the top. Powered bysolar panels and wind turbines, the skyscraper has optimized views of the adjacent Nile River and the nearby pyramids.

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The eco tower is supported by a wide ground floor podium, which contains seven floors of commercial space and includes restaurants, cinemas, and retail areas. Then three towers of varying heights spiral towards the sky and cradle a sphere which contains a health center with a spa, swimming pools and other fitness areas. The tallest of the towers contains office space, the medium has residential and the shortest has the hotel.

Located directly on the banks of the Nile River, in the Maadi neighborhood located in the southern part of Cairo, Space-Scraper was designed to take advantage of all the many nearby attractions, like the river, the pyramids and Cairo, which is not too far away. The tower’s design was optimized to take in the views of the nearby attractions as well as to withstand the desert winds. Sustainable strategies include the use of water recollection systems, as well as building integrated solar panels and wind turbines.

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