Hitting the gym is about to get a whole lot greener as SportsArt Fitness just unveiled an energy-generating exercise machine that produces watts as you work out! The company’s new S770 Pinnacle Trainer features a kinetic energy-generating design that feeds excess electricity back into the power grid. The machine can generate up to 2,000 watts during use, and it can potentially save up to $3,000 in utility bills each year.

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The machine utilizes “forward/backward and medial/lateral” motion to improve core stability and balance, and it activates various muscle groups for a complete workout. The new machine also has a monitor for heart rate, and it is completely powered by the kinetic energy generated during a workout – all one needs to do is start exercising.

SportsArt Fitness is marketing their new product as one of the first of its kind. “The power inverter attached to the Green System is about the size of a stereo receiver and operates on 208 – 240 VAC power,” says Bob Baumgartner, Product Manager for SportsArt Fitness. “The product feels and acts like any other cardio product… but what happens behind the scenes is not like any other cardio product.”

This S770 is also a great option for those who prefer to set up their own home gym – it represents a good long-term monetary investment, and it’s a huge step forward for environmental sustainability. Hopefully we’ll see more energy-generating exercise equipment in the future!

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