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Arizona State University students in Professor Deborah Schneiderman’s Senior Design Studio were asked a series of questions about what purposes a wall truly serves. What does a wall provide? What passes through? What is obstructed? How can one create a modular solution to a worldwide problem while remaining smart and sustainable? As a team, they developed the S3 Sustainable Slotted System.

The S3 Sustainable Slotted System, a slotted prefab modular wall system, is a fun, creative way to make interior partitions that people can build themselves. It’s designed to appeal to a broad range of socioeconomic situations, offering many material options, including low-cost alternatives. Easily assembled and lightweight, the system is portable and adaptable.

The Team:
Allyson Speakes, Alicia Rampe, Felicia Chave, Dyelle Fairbanks, Ivet Gesheva, Rachel Israel, Pei-Pei Kao, Linda Miao Li, Carisa Mowry, Leah Schoen, Erin Yi, Deborah Schneiderman

+ School of Design Innovation at Arizona State University

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