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Student Griscel Diaz had a lot of paper rolls laying around her workspace and needed a way to use them. One day, she ran out of space on her drafting table for her writing implements, and realized the rolls would be perfect as pen and pencil holders! She cut the paper rolls into different lengths, depending on the size of the pens and pencils, and glued them together creating a textural sculpture. Then she hung it above her drafting table where it functions as both storage and art!

+ Griscel Diaz

5 Responses to “LAPICERO: Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this because it addresses a prominent waste product! There aren’t as many useless light bulbs as there are empty toilet paper tubes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great idea! It’s not a new idea but still it is very easy to do. Not just functionally but also can use it as a decorative wall. Love it

  3. Anonymous says:

    HEY, LISTEN! I’ve been doing this for years now, mine is still hanging over my desk… love the thing.

  4. megan.smith says:

    how do you attach them to the wall?

  5. Framed1912 says:

    I loved this when I saw it and am at the stage where the tubes get attached to the board. I can’t figure out how to though! What glue did you use/would you recommend?

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