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This lamp by Basurata Chan is made from discarded foam core board and feathers. Chan used a cutter to construct the fixture and says of her design, “The main aim is to make an easy to made object for everybody, with daily tools and materials… and turn the garbage into poetry.”

+ Basurata Chan

One Response to “Lumaz Lamp Made from Discarded Foam Core and Feathers”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful work Chan, very innovative and decorative lamp.

    I have a concern regarding the origination of the feathers used, though – we have to remember, feathers from the craft store come from birds kept at factory farms. It would be best to either find them on the ground at your local park, or if you have a pet bird/a friend does, keep his/her molted feathers. Freezing feathers sterilizes them.

    Best of luck to everyone who tries this in the future!

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