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Hoping to find a new solution to the problem of light bulb waste, Annisa Fardan Nabila and Aulia Amanda Santoso created their ingenious RECYCLAMP SERIES of spice containers, salt and pepper shakers, and mini vases – all made out of old bulbs!

23 Responses to “Spice Rack, Vase and Salt and Pepper Shakers Made Out of Light Bulbs!”

  1. aboychuk says:

    I like design.

  2. rizalbdg says:

    nice solution…

  3. poetieh says:

    Nice design and inspiration

  4. leonnardof says:

    nice solution but need confirmation on glass strength. Nevertheless, the Idea and Design is highly innovative, simple and practical.
    Try to expand the Idea by more experiment on the lids. Best of luck. I’m looking forward to see your next great Design Idea.

  5. joshua heru s says:

    great innovasion

  6. Kiekie21 says:

    Light Bulbs,, is Very Fragile,,,
    Must be very carefull to use that thing, I though,,

  7. Bima_prasena says:

    Outstanding work, necessity of our problem solution finnaly came out… A genious idea, wich is simple, yet contains very strong contemporary art.

  8. Okkie says:

    I love it!

  9. susanti says:


  10. susy says:

    Smart and nice design! Two thumbs for Amanda and Annisa…

  11. wiwienjo says:

    brilliant!, but are they quite safe and durable?

  12. Bobsgirl says:

    They look great but I have a question as to their durability since light bulbs break so easily I would be afraid to reinsert the cork stopper for fear of it shattering! Did you coat them with something to make them more durable?

  13. Bewara says:

    Looks like the ends were cut then melted down to be thicker so that the cork wouldn’t stress the glass.

  14. vultic says:

    I think this is pretty cool. However, all the lights I have replaced have that white coating on the inside of the bulb. WOnder if that is easy to remove, otherwise I would have to label all the bulbs so I knew what they contained. Very cool idea and unique for this grouping.

  15. yossie says:

    nice design! love it..

  16. herdiyantomirror says:

    great! keep inspiring 😉

  17. neochi says:

    yeah i have to agree, I like the this a lot, but i not sure about health issues involved with the insides of light bulbs mixing with food ingredients.

  18. vultic says:

    Hi neochi, I did some checking and even clear glass bulbs would have to be sanitized before using with any sort of food stuff. The “frosting” usually found in “white” lights is a silicate (sand) derivative with little if any harmful effect should it be ingested. The issues here for me are 1) delicate nature of light bulbs (not designed to contain anything of mass, 2) difficulty in manufacture – so any environmental recycle advantage would be overshadowed by manufacturing cost – cutting and then polishing the glass end to reduce hazard seems necessary and costly if this were to be undertaken in any volume.

  19. neetha says:

    I basically agree with the critical comments about hygienic issue of light bulb for storing food. Perhaps that could be improved in the manufacturing process. Anyway, this is a brilliant idea of reusing light bulbs.
    Good luck and keep being creative ^^

  20. rahdhan says:

    mantap mooon 😀 hahahaha mauuu! kirimin ke rumah ya 😀

  21. rahdhan says:

    mondoooooo.. mau ih! kirimin satu ke rumah 😀

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