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Bao Khang Luu’s ethereal pendant lamps are both inspired by plants and made of six-pack rings hung from plastic take-out lid frames. The lamps are lit with LEDs, so they emit nearly zero heat and last a long time!

The Lotus lamp is made of 40 folded six pack rings secured with crimps made from 1 soda can. The Pine cone lamp is made of 66 layered rings strung together on wires. Every two rings is separated by spacer beads made from 2 soda cans. It has a decorative cord sleeve knit from 20 plastic shopping bags.

+ Bao Khang Luu

20 Responses to “Plastic Lamps made from Recycled Six-Pack Rings”

  1. kunimoto says:

    very good

  2. Bao Khang Luu says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Kunimoto!

  3. Eliza says:

    Beautiful!! I love these!

  4. lchodorow says:

    Pretty cool! No more dead sea creatures 🙂 Yay Bao!

  5. jhuke says:

    Wow! Amazing stuff! This is the guy to watch!

  6. baokhangluu says:

    Thanks, Eliza! These are the baby sizes. Wait till you see the bigger ones I’m making. I love you back. 😀

  7. Hung Hua says:

    Very nice and very creative. They look good and good for the environment.

  8. kieu.hua says:

    I would like to vote for Bao-khang Luu for his creation of his “plastic lamps”. What an imagination! create something from nothing.

  9. mmungle says:

    Wow those are amazing! Great job! It us green!

  10. bobsgirl says:

    The six pack rings used in these lights are very dangerous in the environment and have been found to kill many small animals by choking. If for no other reason these are an inspiration. However they are also truly ethereal in aspect and I love them.

  11. Bobsgirl says:

    The six-pack rings used in these designs are so dangerous in the environment, I have seen how they can choke small animals. Here they are truly ethereal with inspired design. I love them!

  12. vultic says:

    IMO This is the best light of the large lamp group. Lets keep those rings out of the oceans and away from wildlife and the use of LED is the best choice if you must use electricity in the enviro design. Very nice and obviously a lot of careful thought was applied. Good work!

  13. Pat Coleine says:

    Beautiful use of material that has been identified as a problem to the environment. Congratulations

  14. Thanks, Vultic! I tried to stay away from any virgin materials if at all possible including adhesives or connectors. The wiring and LED’s are new of course for safety.

  15. Vultic, I just read your other comments. You are one tough critic. I like tough critics! Let’s say I believe in trial by fire when it comes to design. Email me. I’d love to get more of your thoughts!

  16. lrb945 says:

    FABULOUS! where can i buy some?

  17. Thanks, Irb945! Sign up on the mailing list at the Relevé Design website. We’ll email you once we have some for purchase!

  18. nch says:

    Chúc mừng bạn ! Thật tự hào vì có một cái tên của Việt Nam mình !!!
    Sản phẩm thật đẹp, rất xứng đáng để học hỏi.

    nice work !

  19. oddwee says:

    This is a long way from the soda ring snow flakes i have! i love it! now to figure out how to put led light in the snowflakes before Christmas!! lol thank you!

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