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Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos‘s “A La Lata” Candy Bowl is part of a collection of items handcrafted with repurposed aluminum can tabs woven together with zip-ties. The bowl appears to “float” on the translucent zip-ties. Its structure allows it to collapse inwards, with the zips packed tightly together. In this inverted position, the bowl can be used as a pencil holder.

+ Carlos Alberto Montana Hoyos

4 Responses to “A La Lata Bowl Made From Recycled Soda Can Tabs”

  1. loretahaaker says:

    I think this one is clever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is definitely clever and cute-but, how is using all those plastic zip-ties green?

  3. bobbles00 says:

    i would like to mkae this with my 14 year old students. is this do-able? if so, can i have the instructions on how to make it?

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