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Luis Teixeira creates gorgeous chandeliers and light fixtures out of clothing hangers, disposable dishes, vinyl records and caps from the carton packages for juices. The concepts behind the production of the lamps are environmental but also social. The lamps are made by women in prison as a way for them to earn extra money bring them closer to design.

+ Luis Teixeira

10 Responses to “Stunning Chandelier Made Out of Hangers”

  1. hb.watermelon says:

    This piece also speaks to me of the excess in our society.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Luis Texeira\’s concept is unique, and he\’s ideas are noble, regarding environment issues, as well as making those women useful for society, keeping their minds busy.
    Congratulations for your great projects.
    Carla Hipólito (Portugal)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Parabéns, Luís. O seu trabalho é realmente notável e digno de atenção. Lamento que em Portugal não tenhamos mais oportunidades para praticar este tipo de Design e apostar em artistas/designers como o Luís. Sucesso e continuação de um excelente trabalho!
    Cátia Salvador

  4. Bobsgirl says:

    I love this simply because clothes hangers are such an ugly and improbable item to use. Also the end product does really look nothing like the original.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Beatiful! I like them!

  6. yaiyuck says:

    high class!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Luis if you are a friend o Nica, you is mine.
    Congratulations for your work remarkable work and creation. I think you have big probability to win with your work, in any case that is ever important for you and Portugal and in futur you will be more opportunities to practice yours design and work.
    Francisco Manuel Constantino Pinto
    Lisbon, Portugal

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a designer I applaud the execution. However, as a retail survivor, these look a little nice to be “recycled” hangars. What were they used for before being repurposed?

    This site frequently brings up greenwashing, yet it appears to showcase the wasteful use of disposable products as high design. This makes me respect this site (and naysayers respect the movement) a little less.

  9. Dona says:

    THAT is really GOOD! I hate those plastic hangers, and have always avoided using them, but that’s quite a resourceful use for them. Congratulations on using your imagination so wisely! (>:

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