Created for homeowners who struggle with incorporating plants into their home decor, Emily Paul’s Sprout Living Lamp offers a striking yet space-efficient lighting fixture that combines the best of both worlds. The lamp base and shade are made with found materials, and its insides are brimming with the life of a lush plant. If you feel drawn to this lamp’s green glow, then vote for this fantastic Bright Ideas finalist here!


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Succulents were the plant of choice when creating the lamp because of their modest watering needs and their ability to survive in the face of even the most negligent first-time gardeners. Because the lamp shade is also covered in plants, it emits a muted, warm glow. But if greater illumination is required, the shade can be removed and placed next to the lamp base to allow a super-efficient LED bulb to give off a brighter, uninhibited light.

If cared for properly, the Sprout Living Lamp will continue to evolve for years to come, and might just replace the chia-pet that’s been sitting on your coffee table.

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