This cheery community center in the Cardedeu area of Barcelona, Spain, combines three of our favorite things – recycled materials, an emphasis on the surrounding environment, and a green rooftop. Designed by the team at f451 Arquitectura, the center was created for the community’s senior citizens to enjoy. The building provides a tranquil setting within its walls, and the bright pops of green on its roof seem to celebrate the coming spring.

Cardedeu, Barcelona, f451 Arquitectura, green roof, ready-made materials, dry construction

Almost every inch of the community center’s roof is planted with alternating green and red plants, extending the length of the roof and blending in with neighboring trees. The plant life on the roof also helps keep the building cool during the hot Barcelona summers. A simple staircase leads visitors to enjoy the roof and views, and inside, f451 Arquitectura has created a multitude of internal courtyards, which have been planted with fresh saplings.

The building itself was largely comprised of ready-made components, such as the orange bricks, which make up  not only the building walls, but also are used in an interlocking style to create the surrounding fence. Aside from the poured concrete sidewalks, the building used only dry construction, which minimized emissions during its construction.

The open-slatted window guards, open brick wall and floor to ceiling windows create a dialogue between the building and the surrounding environment. Visitors can participate in activities inside, while interacting and enjoying the nature outside.

+f451 Arquitectura

Via Arch Daily