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SpY’s gorgeous living artwork is made from strands of leafy vines that once reached upward toward the sun in unkempt spurts. Seeing these wild vines as a canvas, SpY hired a cherry picker manlift and started to carve a circular shape into the far reaches of the overgrowth. Careful to maintain the main branches, he slowing trimmed away the wild vines to form a perfect circle.  The leaves in the circle change throughout the year, gradating colors as the seasons transition from spring to summer and fall.

Much of SpY’s work draws attention to the nuances of daily urban life, and his pieces reflect his appreciation of the individual elements that make up a city. His work, like the living circle, helps to transform and bring attention to pockets of urban life that often go unnoticed during the hustle and bustle of daily life.

SpY’s work asked the people of Besancon to stop and take in the details that surround them. The new shape draws attention to the otherwise forgotten vines, leading locals to recognize the beauty of nature in their neighborhood.

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