A little daily exercise could earn strap-hangers a free ride in Mexico City. Since the beginning of 2015, the city’s Secretary of Health has boosted a campaign offering up free subway rides for riders willing to do a mini workout of ten squats. The health stations in subway and bus stops are a city wide effort to curb obesity in Mexico City, which is a rampant issue in both the city and the country.

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Commuters can combine good old-fashioned exercise with green transportation– and be rewarded for it. Launched by Mexico City Secretary of Health, Armando Ahued, the program has installed 30 health stations in several of the transportation hubs across the city that rotate locations to give everyone a try. Each station is an automated kiosk, outfitted with motion sensors that activate when a commuter stands in front of it.

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The station then asks the commuter to perform a light workout- just ten mini squats. For each squat performed, a screen gives health and exercise tips, as well as encouragement. Once the ten squats have been completed, a ticket is administered, which is good for one free ride on the subway or Metrobus.

Ahued has said that the health boosters will give out at least 50,000 free transit tickets this year. The squat stations are coupled with a larger health effort, which also includes 600 free outdoor gyms throughout the city that encourages movement and healthy living.

+ Mexico City Secretary of Health