In today’s wireless world, why are our apartments still tied to a location? In this dynamic building concept, Felipe Campolina combines eco-friendliness with the mobility of a trailer – all within the confines of an urban environment. It is said that “home is where you make it” and that couldn’t be more true than with these green roofed, transportable, stackable dwellings!

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The exoskeleton structure that houses the individual units has three major components. One is a lift for the modules to move up and down, as needed by the tenant. The next is a tower with a staircase, elevator and water storage space. Finally, a lattice-like structure between each tower provides a place for units to slide into their levels and pivoted into designated slots (six slots per floor).

Each unit is built using standard OSB plates with thermal and acoustic insulation bound by a rigid steel frame. The unit is comprised of two boxes, one inside the other, that telescope when stationary (not on the road). The modules boast a living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom (with a view!). Another cool feature is the ability, while stacked on the superstructure, to pivot your view twenty degrees without disruption of neighboring units.

The complete structure would have a relatively small impact on the ground level because the first level of units begin approx. 30 ft (9 meters) above the crowded urban center below. Need a break from the hustle and bustle of city living (maybe a noisy neighbor)? Simply lower your home down onto a truck (train or airplane are other possibilities) and bring it out to the countryside for some R&R!

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