As COP15 delegations continue in Copenhagen, Danish architects MAPT have erected a striking pavilion composed of a set of old shipping containers stacked up like building blocks. The recycled pavilion will host an interactive exhibit focusing on urban sustainability, and the interior of the structure is constructed entirely of materials salvaged from the wood and wind turbine industries.

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Shipping containers tend to pile up in port cities such as Copenhagen, since their intrinsic value is often less than the amount it costs to ship them back to where they came from. Upon seeing just such a “shipping container graveyard”, MAPT architects decided to upcycle these modular units into an exhibition space during the COP15 conference.

According to the architects, The idea is simple: take a surplus product like an old, empty shipping container and give it some value again.  In this way you have a supremely sustainable solution which can quickly be made exclusive in spite of the materials’ original use.

Although the temporary pavilion is currently uninsulated, MAPT speculates that a simple set of retrofits could quickly and cheaply convert standard shipping containers into passive houses and a variety of other structures. The durable steel shells also lend an industrial-chic aesthetic sure to please prefab aficionados and modern design lovers alike.


Via Dezeen

All photos by Lars Engelgaar