With her sculpture Melting Point, artist Stacy Levy created a simple but dynamic work that responds to our changing environment. It may look like a chandelier of honey, but what it actually comprises of is a series of glass globes containing different types of vegetable oils that react to fluctuating temperatures. The oils cloud and clear depending on the air outside, making a dramatic statement on our rapidly changing world.

stacy levy, melting point, sea level rise, ecological art, sculpture, commission

Featured at the Icebox in Philadelphia, PA, the sculpture was paired with an indoor installation of teardrop-shaped glass fixtures, also filled with oils. In their rigidly controlled indoor environment, these pieces do not change so dramatically. Like sections of the population that spend most of their time indoors, these interior fixtures are protected from the changing climate by centralized heat and air conditioning. In turn, Melting Point provides a level of conversation with and about climate that goes beyond the usual “it’s been a warm winter” banter — the piece creates a visual comment on our drastically changing world.

+ Stacy Levy