Forget decorative crystalline stadium skins; Gino Zavanella‘s recently unveiled stadium is completely plastered in energy-generating photovoltaic panels. Stadium Franco Sensi, set to be built in Rome, Italy, will feature a museum of Rome’s football team, restaurants, lounges, and bars in addition to regular stadium seating.

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On the outside, the stadium looks like an energy-guzzler — a massive band around the perimeter will blast messages via a LED screen — but in reality, Stadium Franco Sensi is actually very efficient. An outer zinc-titanium membrane shell on the stadium will feature one layer covered by solar photovoltaic panels, as well as a second translucent layer that lets in 80% of all light while preventing water from hitting stadium patrons. No word on how much power the panels will produce, but they should power the stadium’s LED lights at the very least.

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Via Design Boom