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The house is located on a sloping site near the Württembergvineyardson the outskirts of Stuttgart, with 300 square meters of space distributed such that the house resembles a pile of stacked boxes, or a stair that follows the inclination of the slope. The top floor of the building is at street level, while the bottom floor opens out to a lawn at the back. Looking down, the occupants can enjoy the view through the interior and experience a sense of spaciousness that defies the configuration of the site.

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The kitchen and dining room are combined to occupy the top floor, while the middle floor houses two bedrooms and a living room. The bottom floor accommodates the children’s room and play area. The connection to the outside, to nature, is visible from every corner in the house,” said Schad-Mattern, one of the residents of the house. “The generosity of space in the house is something you only become aware of once you step inside.”


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Photos by Roland Halbe