Are you sitting down for this? Well, you may want to stand up, actually… recent studies have confirmed something that common sense has been telling us all for years: spending too much time sitting down is bad for your health. A study recently published by the American Cancer Society shows that spending much of your waking hours seated (i.e. that 9-5 work shift) has a deleterious effect on your health that puts you at high risk for obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes – even if you diligently exercise every day!

This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone if you think about how the human body works. You need to exercise your core muscles to keep them in good shape and keep your metabolism running – sitting for long periods of time allows your muscles to atrophy and burns very few calories. So whats the solution if your job requires you to spend a lot of time in front of a computer? Stand-working! I have personally been a devotee of working standing up for years, and I swear by it! Ever since I started stand-working, my back problems have resolved themselves, I have more energy, and the best part is that I feel that I can focus and concentrate better while standing up. For those of you who wonder “How can I get started with stand-working?” – more and more companies are catering to this growing market and making electric adjustable standing desks that can be raised and lowered (and even lowered to sitting level if you really need it) at the touch of a button.