In a world of shimmering polycarbonate chairs and seamlessly engineered surfaces, Brooklyn based Stanley Ruiz’s work is a breath of fresh air. Inspired by “walking, improv music, and Thoreau”, his New Organic Collection strikes a stunning balance between craft and industry. Composed of powder-coated steel and carefully selected twigs, the collection beautifully blends prefigured forms with raw materials.

Amidst the many splendors of this year’s ICFF Stanley Ruiz’ collection stood out for its beautiful fusion of disparate elements. Each of Stanley’s works starts with a powder-coated steel base and then develops as an organic improvisation: “each piece of twig was handpicked, cut and assembled, like a nomad with rudimentary tools fashioned his wares . . . these products are the result of careful deliberation and spontaneous material manipulation.”

We love how this innovative assortment of pieces mixes functional modern forms with an elegant organic element. Ruiz’ collection is likely to remain one of our favorite finds from the designboom mart at ICFF this year.

+ Stanley Ruiz
+ NY DESIGN WEEK/ICFF 2008 @ Inhabitat