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The bike is named “Sue,” likely after the T-Rex at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, the most well-preserved fossil of its kind ever discovered. Oregonian Sue is 8.5’ tall and 12’ long, which is the estimated size of a 12 year old juvenile T-Rex. Complete with marionette-style controls for her head and tiny, little arms, Sue can put on quite a show. The maker cites the reason for the sale as feeling more comfortable in his role as a quiet engineer, rather than local celebrity; he encourages buyers to be open to the attention and publicity brought on by riding a dinosaur skeleton through the streets.

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Sue would be a great addition to an avid collector’s anthology or a thrilling parade feature (she has plenty of experience in this arena, already). She requires some regular maintenance, being a delicate, chromoly steel and foam fossil and all, yet how cool would it be to master the art of T-Rex wrangling?


Via Make Magazine

Images via Craigslist