Several U.S. states are repurposing closed-down coal plants into solar plants and wind farms. Among the states that have made the transition include Illinois, which is currently leading the pack. Nine coal plants will become solar farms or battery storage facilities, according to The New York Times.

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Across the U.S., several states have adopted the same model, of using old coal plants to generate clean energy. The main reason for this move is that reusing the coal plants will cause less damage than rebuilding a new clean energy plant.

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According to the energy sector report, most coal plants are already wired to substations that transmit power across the country. They can be instrumental in reducing the wires, sensors, and poles needed to connect solar plants to the grid. There are also concerns that power poles could ruin the beautiful backyard views that they are used to.

Further, using such facilities eliminate the environmental cost of setting up new powerlines used to connect solar plants to the grid. As a result, adopting the old coal facilities is being championed on both ends.

With these switches, clean energy is quickly becoming the least expensive source of energy in many U.S. states. As a matter of fact, some states are even turning to old coal plants to facilitate wind power transmission.

This is common in coastal states such as New Jersey and Massachusetts, who are choosing to repurpose their coal plants into wind farms. With more wind power available, it will be easy to provide energy to the residents. Such projects make shutting down coal plants less expensive but also environmentally viable.

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