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Curl Curl House is comprised of two open spaces divided by a central core. The public side includes a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room while the private side has two bedrooms and a bathroom. The central structure holds the laundry facilities and storage, keeping the rest of the home open and clutter free.

The division of space is also accented by the slanted roof that meets in the center. The roof collects rainwater and stores it in underground tanks to power the home’s hot water system. A skylight also runs over the length of home, allowing sunlight to shine through each side, revealing different shadow patterns throughout the day.

CplusC’s goal in building Curl Curl house was to create a maximum ventilation performance home using the absolute minimal amount of energy. Light and durable cedar, often used for beach homes as it adapts to the environment, is cut into folding slabs and blinds throughout the house to let fresh air flow through each room. Two man-made fish ponds and tons of surrounding vegetation also help cool the summer air around the home.

Whether it be cooling off after a day at the beach or sunbathing on the terrace, the Curl Curl House is definitely where we would like to be right now.

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