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Stealth barn, Carl Turner, Carl Turner Architects, black barn, Norfolk, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire,

Thestylish barn is modernized with its blackened stain, which contrasts with the traditional notion of the ubiquitous red barn. Clapboards from the exterior have been removed and replaced with large glass windows, including a unique corner window which lets in light and opens the interior space. Large glass sliding doors open the living room onto a patio which overlooks the agrarian landscape of green grass and pink flowers. The wrap-around patio is also clad in black, and offers a serene area for lounging in the sun.

Inside, Turner kept the space minimal with an organic feel by outfitting the walls, ceiling, and floor with Oriented Strand Board. The compressed layers of wood strips have a pattern of wood grain that evokes a feel like the bales of straw that were stored in the barnduring farming days. The texture also serves a decorative purpose, filling each room with tone without the need for flashy art or furniture.

Each of the interior rooms is organized in a simple and open way, allowing the Stealth Barn to be a multi use space, depending on the owner’s needs. A semi private room can be converted to a bedroom, or a meeting room, or even a dining room with the change of furniture. The architects have furnished the space with easy to move, minimalist furniture like a rectangular wood couch, simple coffee tables and a simple dining set, and tie in with the warmness of the OSB interior.

The Stealth Barn, along with the Ochre Barn, modernize the barn space with minimalism.

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