In an age when cellphones have been streamlined to a slew of uninspiring, minimalist bricks, steampunk designer Richard Clarkson offers up a throwback dose of vintage nostalgia: the Rotary Mechanical Phone. Inspired by the interchangeable lenses of a camera, this phone has two different button interfaces that allow you to rediscover the tangible side of technology. But don’t think that this awesome old-school phone doesn’t pack a punch; its core is comprised of a smart phone that can meet the needs of the modern techno-whiz.

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Clarkson believes that modern smartphones have lost the “aura” of the mechanical technology of yesteryear. The designer’s goal was to find a harmonious balance between function and old-fashioned substance. He hacked a smartphone to accommodate two different rotary interfaces: a push-button dial, and a true rotary dial. From there, Clarkson electroplated the phone’s shell with copper and finished it with a layer of paint so that it ages and weathers with time. The phone is embellished with a series of old-world details that give it a polished, antique feel, making it an eye-catching addition to any gadget geek’s lineup.

Via Yanko Design