Who would have thought that something that is used to clean the grimiest areas of your kitchen could become this beautiful chandelier?  We stumbled upon Daisuke Hiraiwa’s booth last weekend at ICFF 2010 and were completely mesmerized by the fluffy, metallic cloud lamp hovering over the space.  Once we got a closer look, we saw that the entire suspended fixture was actually made out of stainless-steel scrubbing sponges!

Daisuke Hirawa, ICFF 2010, eco design, green design, sustainable design, stainless steel scrubbing sponge, metallic light fixture, New York City, London

We “ooed” and “ahhed” over the magnificence of the piece and its reflective qualities that create a brilliant sparkle and enhance the glow coming from inside the fixture. One would never guess that a chandelier this brilliant could be constructed purely from items that are readily available in any run of the mill kitchen.

Japanese designer, Daisuke Hiraiwa is educated in architecture, ceramics, spacial and interior design.  Hiraiwa currently works in his London-based studio, g.+ which he founded in 2007.  This isn’t the first time Hiraiwa transformed regular household items into a work of art – he is also well-known for his works that are made by re-using plastic cutlery and transforming them into a beautiful sculptures.

+ Daisuke Hiraiwa