In Milan, Italy, Stefano Boeri Architetti and a team, including ARUP, Fabio Novembre and Balich Wonder Studio, have just unveiled the plans for the design of the International Forest Stadium. The project will be located in the San Siro area of Milan and is the winning design from a competition announced in 2019 by the Inter and Milan teams.

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Far aerial view of the forest stadium

This new stadium will be a part of the sport and leisure district of Milan that measures over 800 hectares (1,976 acres) for a master plan that will transform the San Siro district into a sports center for European sports.

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International Forest Stadium with trees lining the walls

The project moves the Patroclus tunnel to build the stadium in the middle of a 4.5-hectare urban park, which distances it from residential areas. Meanwhile, the full plans include offices, a hotel, a conference center and commercial space along with the sports complex.

Tracks for the public to utilize

What makes this stadium and park unique is that it’s built around the concept of a forest. Therefore, abundant trees and other vegetation surround the pitch and stands. The stadium will have 5,700 square meters (over 61,000 square feet) of horizontal green roofs and 7,000 square meters (over 75,000 square feet) of green facades. In fact, these facades are planted with 3,300 trees and 56,300 bushes of 70 different species.

The stadium illuminated at night

This is also more than a measure to make sports complexes more comfortable in the heat or more attractive. This urban forest will absorb 162 tons of carbon dioxide every year, clean the air and absorb dust and lower temperatures from the heat island effect. Additionally, water and waste management and solar collecting surfaces complete a plan that makes the complex self-sufficient and environmentally friendly.

Holographic display of an athlete

Moreover, the traffic flow of the facility is designed around the natural flow of spectators and employees. The design then aims to make the facility accessible and easy to navigate. For the community, commercial areas and the restaurants, bars, gyms and museum spaces are accessible.

The Tower of Light, which is a landmark for Milanese teams, will also change color depending on the teams playing on the field. Outside the stadium, a park memorializes the history of the current Meazza stadium and serves the public with a memorial of stories.

+ Stefano Boeri Architetti

Images via Stefano Boeri Architetti