We don’t often wax lyrical about kitchenware here at Inhabitat (we tend to focus more on the big stuff) – but we are completely entralled with Stella’s Urban Myth tableware.

Stella’s Urban Tableware is inspired by 18th century Dutch Delftware, but turns the kitschy blue & white nostalgia on its head by featuring modern scenes of urban and industrial landscapes. Even if you’ve never heard of Delft (its a city in Holland between Rotterdamn and The Hague) – you’ll surely recognize the blue-and-white style of Delftware. Next to tulips and windmills (oh the stereotypes), Delftware may be Holland’s most famous “quaint” export, often depicting those same tulips and windmills on porcelain plates. My mom has this stuff all over her house, so there is probably some personal nostalgia (or deep-seated psychological issues?) behind my infatuation with Stella’s ironic tableware.

Via Mocoloco via designspotter

Stella is an Isreali design-duo that produces a line of clever ceramic tableware, including: Mundane Mugs, Sedar Plates, miniatures, and Sea of Galilee bowls. They also have one of the most beautifully designed websites we’ve seen in awhile.

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