They say that beauty is both art and science. Franz Skincare released an anti-aging serum that is infused with stem cells. The material used to make this serum is ethically-sourced and FDA-approved.

Franz Skincare stem cell serums with a white box packaging next to them

Additionally, the serum is designed to both protect the skin and activate collagen growth. The formula is made with 10% stem cell culture. The original cells are too large to incorporate into a serum, so the culture is used instead. This means it has the same healing and anti-aging properties as the cell itself.

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Furthermore, the serum is designed to stimulate cell regeneration and even boosts the skin’s ability to lock in moisture. It both protects and repairs aging and damaged skin. It’s made to penetrate the skin deeply.

Two serum packaging with blue handles

Never tested on animals, the serum is approved by the FDA. To use it, you only need to apply the liquid to dry skin in a smooth, even layer. You can also add a little extra to any problem areas. The lightweight serum is designed to absorb quickly. Results can be seen in three weeks of regular use.

Blue boxes and packaging that reads Franz across them

Conversely, stem cells receive a bad reputation and there’s a lot of confusion surrounding them. Think of stem cells like “root” cells. These cells become specialized cells. Stem cells can turn into any other type of cell, including skin cells, liver cells, nerve cells…you name it. Stem cells are used in medicine to generate healthy new cells in the body.

White packaging with the words Franz across it all sitting on a wooden stool

Therefore, Franz’s new serum is made with stem cells taken from adipose tissue. These are mesenchymal cells, which are taken from adults. There is no risk to you in using this serum. Along with the stem cell culture, the formula contains naturally occurring proteins pro-collagen, fibronectin and liposomal ceramides. These are created to mimic naturally-occurring lipids. The list of ingredients also includes glycerin, glucose and castor oil.

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