Stephen Shaheen creates intriguing designs from discarded remnants of onyx left over from industrial stone fabrication. No stranger to upcycling, Shaheen uses these upcycled materials to create spectacular sculptural furnishings that resemble illuminated stacks in the form of a pyramid. The designs vary depending on the scrap materials Shaheen uses. The inventive Eistla series is crafted from onyx, while his Lou P. chair feature is a work made from 22 layers of Italian botticino marble. But while the materials differ, the central idea of utilizing all the wonderful salvaged remains of beautiful stone blocks remains the same.

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This latest series continues with the same philosophy of recycling and reuse that he explored in his previous work, the Metrobench. Back in 2005, Shaheen repurposed over 5,000 used NYC Metrocards to create a functional public seat. In his latest series, however, he employs a more complicated and innovative system to assemble the scraps of stone to form a unique piece of fashionable furniture.

+ Stephen Shaheen

Images courtesy of Stephen Shaheen