Now that speaker design has gotten all high-tech, are you feeling nostalgic for the wooden boxes of yesteryear? If you are like me and harbor a fondness for the boxy design of old hi-fi speakers (but not the scratchy sound quality), you can recycle yours into beautiful ambient lights like this one, with custom lighting design company Stereoluz.

Lighting designer Trey Gerfers began reappropriating old speaker boxes in 2003 to create interactive ambient lights. He founded Stereoluz to keep up with the growing demand for his custom lamps, which now incorporate a variety of designs and materials in addition to the original speaker boxes. In some of his designs Gerfer uses old maps ? in others he uses wood paneling or LEDs. Although these may sound like an incongruous bunch of materials, once you see the lamps, you realize how well they work together. His motto is “old and new, modern and rustic, familiar but altogether something else” Sums it up about right.

I covet pretty much everything on the Stereoluz website, which I spotted via the fabulous Touch-me Table featured on Mocoloco.

Spotted on Mocoloco