MP3 players are getting smaller and smaller, but this Band-Aid shaped one is the thinnest we’ve seen! Ideal for fitness enthuiasts, the Skinny Player sticks to peoples’ arms meaning no need for clips, belts or player holsters. To make matters even more interesting, the device runs on human body heat.

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The Skinny Player was designed by Chinese engineers  Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu to be both innovative, re-usable and simple to use – take a look at some of the applications above. However, while it’s ingenious in its design, it’s also limited in many ways. Firstly, there is no display screen and the player only has one button – a Play/Stop button. There is also nowhere to plug in headphones, so the user listens to the music via a pair of flexible speakers.

While the Skinny Player certainly is innovative, the technology that has yet to be perfected, so don’t expect it to be on store shelves any time in the near future.