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Having been in business for 20 years in the Bangkok area, Geodesic Design wanted to create an office with the smallest possible footprint. The home office was built on stilts, not only to lesson the environmental impact, but also to create a crawl space that can double as storage in the future. The stilts also ensure safety in the event of flooding during future monsoon seasons, which are a regular feature of life in Thailand.

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A steel skeleton and deck flooring were used for cost effective and sturdy structural support. Coated glass walls block solar gain while letting in ample sunlight throughout the entire building, and provide spectacular views of the trees and garden outside. The roof was lined with solar panels that feed into the grid, alleviating the office’s energy usage.

The outdoor space was also redesigned to encourage employees to relax outside, giving a flexible outside work space amongst the natural shade of the trees. The simple yet modern Pakkred Office transforms the workplace into a place of tranquility amongst the trees.

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