Make your living room the bomb with Stockpile Design’s upcycled furniture and lamps made from decommissioned missiles and ammo. Designed by ex-military brat Jake Wright, the furniture and housewares will fuse some hard edge into your interior design. Available at his Etsy store, each piece is chock full of history repurposed intofunctional furniture.

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Wright scours military surplus and scrap metal yards for the decommissioned historic military weapons. Each piece is then repurposed and taken out of its war torn past. His inventory varies on what booty he comes across, but each piece touches on different eras of war. Spring loaded cluster bomblets from the Vietnam War are made into small desk lamps. The now banned bomblets were not reliable, and therefore lead to many civilian deaths, but Wright uses dummy bomblets that never made it to the warfront.

The Megaton bomb lamp is left over from the Korean War. Playing up it’s sort of fashionable tail fin design, Wright has transformed the big boy into a polished nickel table lamp that is both kitsch and modern at the same time.  His furniture pieces incorporate large missile rounds as centerpiece supports, with a table surrounding it. Wright has taken WWII practice round missiles that were used for practice against German U-Boats- and manufactured in Brooklyn’s Naval Yard!

Wright has also ventured into the world of upcycled jewelry, making a line of baby bomblet pendants, fit for both sexes. Stockpile Designs takes the negative connotations out of these vessels of war, celebrating their unique design and upcycling them into unique home furnishings.

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