A radical group of wolf haters is gearing up for a “wolf-killing derby” in Idaho. This year, a group of hunters will gather together to slaughter as many wolves and coyotes as they can, with prizes for the largest wolf slain and the most coyotes bagged. Those involved claim the hunt will keep predator populations in check, but Vice went undercover to speak to some of the hunters and found that population control is only part of the motivation. For some, inflicting pain and suffering is the name of the game. If you want to see an end to the cruel wolf-killing derby, sign the petition here!


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What makes this hunt even worse is that some of these killers actually want the wolves to suffer. These individuals encourage the other hunters involved to “gut-shoot” the wolves; to shoot them in the stomach so they don’t die immediately, but bleed out slowly, dying in agony. Beyond causing the wolf to suffer, this barbaric method protects hunters who happen to be hunting illegally – at night, outside of the season or on land they shouldn’t be on – since there is little forensic evidence.

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When Vice’s Christopher Ketchum spoke to a wolf hunter in Idaho, he learned that, for some, the hunt seems to be more about vengeance. “Gut-shoot every goddamn last one of them wolves,” the hunter told Vice. “You know what I’d like to see? Take the wolves and plant ’em in Central Park, ’cause they impose it on us to have these goddamn wolves! Bullshit! It’s said a wolf won’t attack you. Well, goddamn, these tree huggers don’t know what. I want wolves to eat them goddamn tree huggers. Maybe they’ll learn something!”

Despite what some people have been taught, wolf hunting is not an essential part of modern life and there is never a reason to cause intentional, prolonged agony. Sign the petition here to help put a stop to it!

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