StoreDot, the Israel-based, extremely fast-charging battery startup, has created a technology for self-repairing battery cells. The technology allows for longer battery life and better electric vehicle performance. This new system can identify underperforming battery cells and temporarily take them out of service to fix them without affecting an EV’s performance, even while it’s on the road. This helps with battery life as the EV battery ages and pairs well with the company’s other technologies that allow EVs to charge in minutes instead of hours.

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A diagram explaining StoreDot's self-healing batteries.

Who knew that battery tech would improve based on algorithms and hardware that improve battery performance even while an EV is in use? The StoreDot technology can tell when a battery cell is overheating or underperforming and take it offline temporarily while it’s reoptimized. This not only improves the performance of the vehicle but also helps prevent heat from building up in the battery and causing safety issues related to overheating.

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Dr. Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, said of the new battery tech, “It’s important for us at StoreDot to encourage the global uptake of electric vehicles, so that we can all live in a cleaner, zero-emissions world…This latest patented technology is a unique way of repairing individual cells, or groups of cells, when they are in service [and] is a novel advancement to self-repairing electric vehicles.”

Other StoreDot technologies include a way of maintaining battery capacity as the battery ages by increasing charging current to cells, and 50% faster charging batteries that are expected to be ready to deliver to automakers like partner investor Daimler by 2024. StoreDot is working on extreme energy density solid-state batteries for mass production in 2028, which could be a game-changer for EV charging technology. Solid-state batteries charge faster, last longer and could make EVs work for every driver.

How is StoreDot able to outpace other battery technologies? The company changed how lithium-ion batteries work by creating unique organic and inorganic compounds to work within the batteries to make it possible to fully charge an EV in five minutes, which was demonstrated on a motorcycle in 2019. Investors interested in this tech include BP, Daimler, Samsung and more.

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