The tree stump table has been done before, but never like this. Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs Inc. has turned the concept of stump furniture on its head with Tree Rings. They look pretty ordinary during the day, but at night, the small tables seem to glow from within, illuminating the rings on the table’s surface.

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Tree Rings are created using split Pine Beetle wood, which is then covered with a colored resin top. During the day, they look like a playful stump table, but at night, they become something else entirely. In the dark, embedded lights glow through the rings to create an effervescent glow and the beautiful ring pattern on the surface of the table becomes evident as the fluorescent light shines through.

Straight Line Designs Inc. is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Judson Beaumont studied at Capilano College and the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. “My rule is: if you can draw and design it, you can build it. I love it when someone tells me that, ‘You cannot build that’ or ‘No one would want that’. These words only encourage me more,” says Beaumont. Tree Rings were created for the Summer Lights show in British Columbia, which features illuminated design in the dark.

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