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Ecologic Pavilion, Studio 1984, straw bale cabin, straw bale, eco friendly cabin, france,

Ecologic Pavilion was built for the Archi<20 Festivale de l’Architecture in September in Muttersholtz, Alsace, France. Designed by Studio 1984, the pavilion was built from straw, wood and metal sheets with the help of Bois2boo and Scierie Friederich. To minimize site impact, the pavilion is situated on a foundation of 6 piles of acacia wood. The structure is made up of a series of timber frames raised into place by the team. After the structure was secured, straw bales were fitted around the exterior shell to provide protection from the elements and insulation. The roof is made of sheets of galvanized sheet metal and the joints were all hand cut and made by Braun.

The pavilion’s form was inspired by traditional barn structures and built from locally available and renewable materials. The materials act as a carbon storage and the building is naturally ventilated through the door, window and openings at the roof. Large overhangs protect the interior from direct sunlight and reduce heat gain in the summer. The low impact nature of the structure is proof that structures can be efficient and useful without being technologically advanced. At 15 sq m (161 sq ft), this little nest in the woods provides an intimate connection with the environment.

Images ©Studio 1984