Last year, readers went crazy over our feature on the Streamgarden by Green Fortune, A Swedish company dedicated to “urban cultivation.” The Streamgarden helps aspiring green thumbs by taking all of the guesswork (and all of the effort) out of maintaining household plants. Now Green Fortune has unveiled another product: the Plantwall.

Yes, the Plantwall is just what it sounds like — a vertical wall of greenery. Plantwall allows for all of the enhancing elements of indoor foliage without sacrificing floor area. But the real innovation is in how it works:

Plantwall is based on a four layer textile system. The textile system contains the fertilizer necessary to maintain the plants, as well as keeping any moisture from spreading. Water comes in via an integrated drip irrigation system.

Green Fortune has so far installed one Plantwall system in a retail store in Stockholm. Presumably, it could be specified in residential as well as commercial applications, as it can be entirely custom designed for the needs of your specific project.

For more on Green Fortune’s “Urban Cultivation” efforts, check out their website. The company has strong beliefs that through plants and their care, we can reconnect with the diversity and health that is sometimes lost in urban life. Green Fortune is dedicated to the preservation of this natural environment, and has earmarked 10% of their annual profit to go towards renewable energy production.

+ Green Fortune