A few months back, life-size monopoly pieces were spotted on the streets of Chicago by Christopher Jobson of Colossal. After some delving, the work was attributed to a street artist known as Bored, who had been at work transforming the city’s sidewalks into huge replicas of game pieces. In contrast to a stencil or mural, Bored’s 3D creations included Monopoly ‘Chance’ cards announcing a marriage proposal, alongside painted stone slabs and a pair of enormous dice.

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The pieces are designed to be continually transforming, with messages on the Community Chest cards being repainted or obscured to change their meaning. Dissatisfied with traditional street art, the artist/group aimed to create works which can be re-imagined by others, ‘beaten down, kicked, yanked, grabbed, and broken,’ making the ever-evolving installations a truly public work of art.

Via thisiscolossal