Get your PayPal account ready, because the ultimate nerd accoutrement is for sale on eBay. Just in time for the release of Tron Legacy, it’s the Lightcycle! That’s right, the fortuitously named Parker Brothers Choppers in Melbourne, Fla., will build five working lightcycles in five different colors, with the option of a high-powered electric drivetrain. You can get yours for a mere $35,000.

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Street-legal and built for everyday use, each of the collectors-edition bikes will consist of 22″ x 12″ dual hubless wheels with custom tires. A hardened steel frame supports a carbon fiber and fiberglass body. The colored LED light trail can be turned off and on with a switch. You’ll also get a Tron-style helmet, which the makers are careful to note is not DOT-approved.

Here’s the most exciting part: If you’re among the lucky five buyers, you can opt to power your bike with an electric motor. You’ll also get a YouTube link that allows you to follow the progress as your Lightcycle is built to spec. Now that’s futuristic!

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