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This two story, 200 meter home is built right into the landscape, creating a rooftop which just begged to be multipurpose. Architect Cage Copher explains, “The sledding ramp was my idea. It is primarily a device to camouflage the building, because it is so close to neighbouring houses, but it also makes the roof usable.” Living year-round in the Swedish climate comes with its challenges, yet the designers made the space functional during the winter, as well as during the summertime. Green grass takes over the space in the warmer months. The roof and adjacent patio are described as a “party deck,” which encourages vacationers to extend their stays throughout even the frigid months.

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The area tends to draw families during peak vacation seasons, and so the architects ensured there would be enough space inside for as many guests as possible. Ample room for living space and the stylish kitchen area make up the upper level of the home, while the lower level is full of bedrooms for visitors. Overlooking no details, the architects also made sure that the staircases were open enough to accommodate the lively energy of children running to and fro. This certainly adds to the overall aesthetics, instead of distracting from it. For grown-ups and kids alike, the view from the home is breathtaking during any season. Who could pass up this unconventional party house?

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Images via Robin Hayes